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About Translocator
Translocator is a mod that was made for modjam, even though it only took him less then 18 hours to make this mod it was still enough to make Chicken Bones win modjam.

This mod has 2 main components, the translocator, a configurable combination of a filter and an emerald pipe, and the crafting grid, a placeable one item crafting grid.

Detailed Information

The translocator comes in item and liquid forms. You place them on the side of an inventory or tank. They transfer items and liquids within the one block space.

· If the center piece is protruding, items/liquids will flow from this side, to the sides with the center inset.
· Items/Liquids will always travel to non-redstone outputs if they can.
· Items/Liquids will be evenly split between available outputs. Items will be taken from the slot with the largest quantity.
· Right clicking on the plate of the item translocator brings up a configurable filter. These slots are fake and can be configured with NEI’s drag ‘n’ drop.
· Adding glowstone to the plate makes it transfer stacks at a time.
· Adding redstone lets you toggle input/output with a redstone signal.
· Shift-Right clicking on the plate will return your redstone and glowstone.

The crafting grid is placed by pressing C (default key bind, changeable in settings) while looking at a solid top surface.

The grid will remain for 20 seconds, or 2 minutes since it’s last use.
Right clicking with items will add/remove them from the grid.
Pressing C again on the grid, will craft the items

jgile2 Made a youtube spotlight showing some of the cool things you can do with the mod.

Downloading and Installing
Code Chicken Core needs to go into the coremods folder of your minecraft instance.

Minecraft 1.5.2